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Welcome to Breastfed Babies. Here we are all about offering all kinds of evidence-based advice and information regarding parenting and breastfeeding. It is our hope that our posts and blogs will be not only helpful information-wise but also encourage you to breastfeed your own little one. We will provide you with impartial breast pump articles and reviews as you learn all you want to know about the beauty of motherhood and expressing milk for your young one.

At breastfed-babies.com, one of our main aims is to help moms like you realize that you can breastfeed your child despite the hustle and bustle of the contemporary busy life. We provide moms with a platform to get enough knowledge to help them in making the right choices and decisions both for themselves, their little ones and their families.

One thing we have discovered is that there are so many mothers out there who are making the wrong decisions regarding breastfeeding. Whether you are considering exclusively pumping milk for your baby or you want to go for formula options, Breastfed Babies is the place to be for these and more.

We will always strive to maintain this as a one-stop guide for all the information you need about these things and more so that you make the best decision for your own and your baby’s wellbeing. No matter the kind of information you are looking for regarding motherhood and breastfeeding, from expressing milk and weaning your baby to how to identify the best breast pumps and set up a pumping schedule, Breastfed Babies is right here for you!