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Baby nurse

Baby Nurse and the Major Functions of the Service

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The term baby nurse is getting popular these days, especially with new parents are trying to find alternatives to care for their babies in the best way.

They are basically professional workers that would make it easy for you and also the baby to be prepared for the new life, together.

Baby nurse is different from nanny because of the different responsibilities and tasks.


Baby Nurse: What They Do

Whereas a nanny will be responsible for taking care of babies and also toddlers, the nurse for baby is focusing more on the newborn baby, making it easy for the baby to accept the new routine and also for the parents for the new life.

You see, being a parent isn’t easy and getting used to the new life (and new routine) isn’t something you should underestimate either.

You probably have heard how new parents are super exhausted for the new routine, and they experience somewhat a lifestyle shock.

Well, a nurse will make it easy. They can help organizing the nursery, helping with the feeding, establishing a bedtime routine – in short, they make sure that both you and the  baby are comfortable and well nourished.

What about common baby problems like excessive crying, colic, and gas? Don’t worry, they can ease it off so you won’t be confused or stressed out.

Baby nurse
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The nurse is the place where you can learn the educational basic – how to bathe the baby, how to wear the diapers, etc.

They will also provide support and reassurance, especially in the extra chores, like how to deal with spit up milk or how to arrange the diaper bag efficiently.

They know how to spot the signs of baby blues or experience a mood swing – and they can help you taking care of the chores. One of the big issues of becoming a new parent is the lack of sleep.

Well, the nurse can take care of it. They will help you care for the baby and let you catch up some sleeps, and then wake you up for feeding.

They can also help with proper breastfeeding manner and how to, in case you are completely clueless.

There is also the term nigh baby nurse which means that the nurse is mostly active by night. They will let you sleep – in fact, you can get a long and satisfying sleep – while they care for the baby and make sure that it is comfortable, well fed, and satisfied.


The Cost

Such a reliable and good help isn’t cheap, mind you. The average cost to hire a professional and skilled baby nurse is around $35 an hour – and it takes around 8 weeks for you to get used to the new life.

If you can’t afford the one with 24/7 service, consider having one for twice a week. It depends on your personal arrangement, really.

It is completely up to you whether you need a set of extra hands or not. Just so you know, the professional baby nurse can help you adjust to the new life as well as showing you the best (and the correct) way to do so, which means that you are in a good hand.


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