Benefit of breastfeeding by month
Benefit of breastfeeding by month

Benefits of Breastfeeding by Month: The Growing Perks

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What are the benefits of breastfeeding by month?

Even when you only breastfeed your baby for a day, you have given them the precious gift of health and well-being.

Everyone knows that breast milk is the precious liquid that would be best for babies. That’s why it is called as the gold liquid.

And if you follow the breastfeeding line, you can see the progressive benefits of each age category.


The Early Times

So, if you want to understand the benefits of breastfeeding by month, you should start from the early time. Within the early days of your baby’s life, you can give them the best gift.

For a starter, you can give them the early milk, known as the colostrums. It is packed with antibodies and all the important nutrients needed by the baby to help them get used to the world.

Not only you provide an easy way for their digestive system to operate and function, but you also provide the needed antibodies. Consider the milk as the ‘immunization’ that will strengthen your baby.

Moreover, it may take a while for you to be able to breastfeed properly but at the same time, it also helps your body to recover from the delivery.

It prepares both you and the baby for the new life and also the new lifestyle and routine.

Your baby will need all the necessary nutrients from the milk. If you are planning to pump, prepare it for this stage too.

Learn how to store the milk correctly by any means possible, such as the breast milk storage bags or the bottles.

If you have fed your baby to four weeks, or six, it means that you have guided them through the most critical period of the infancy.

Based on studies, newborns who aren’t breastfed in the early days of their lives are likely to be sick or even hospitalized, mostly because of digestive issue.

Within the six weeks, you will have to deal with various nursing concern and also issues. You need to breastfeed for at least a month. If you have successfully done so, you can later decide whether you want to continue or not.


Further Periods

Benefit of breastfeeding by month
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If you have breastfed the baby for at least 3 months, you have helped them ease out the digestive system. The digestive system is getting better – it has matured enough so it should be able to tolerate formula better. You should read why breastfeeding makes baby poop green and the major causes if this happens to your baby.

And thanks to your milk, the baby’s immune system against ear problem or infection is improved. If you continue for 6 months, you have made sure that she has had enough nutrition from the milk.

These are some of the benefits of breastfeeding by month.

If you continue to at least a year of breastfeeding, she should be able to handle and tolerate food – much easier than those who experience shorter span of breastfeeding time.

Continue for at least 18 months, and you will provide her with enough immunity and nutrition, although you still need to accompany it with solid food.

Those are some of the benefits of breastfeeding by month, so you can be sure that it gains more positive outcome than the negative.