Breast milk storage bags
Breast milk storage bags

Breast Milk Storage Bags Concerns and Importance

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Breastfeeding moms would definitely have breast milk storage bags and also storage bottles to be prepared for their breastfeeding activities.

After all, you need to always come prepared because you never know when you are going to need these two items, despite the fact that you may breastfeed the baby directly and you are always by their side.

Having the breast pump as well as the storage containers would help in the event that you have to be away from your baby for a while.


The Things about Storage Bags

Every breastfeeding and pumping mom knows how precious this liquid gold can be. You really don’t want to waste it; let alone letting a single drop goes spoiled.

That’s why choosing the right milk containers is crucial because you don’t want to have the milk go into a waste.

Thanks to technology, the breast milk storage bags today come in a new design and look. If you think that it would look like a regular plastic bag, then you are hugely mistaken.

These storage bags have new look and improved functions. Yes, they still look like a storage bag but they don’t look like the regular plastic bag, for sure.


Several Considerations

You need to understand that the lifespan of the milk within the storage bags is shorter than the bottles.

In general, the milk in the storage bags can only be stored for weeks, tops. It’s because of the material that makes the bag different from the storage bottles.

But in the overall perspective, the bag can be an ideal container if you have to store the milk – so you can feed your baby later on.

Moreover, it may take a while for you to get used to storing the milk into the bag without spilling it. All moms know how painful it is to see your hard-earned expressed milk spilled onto the floor or the countertops.

But as time goes by, you will get the hang of it so you can move the milk without spilling them or whatsoever.

You also want to choose the reliable products from trusted brands. Today’s breast milk storage bags are thicker than before – some of them may have different mechanism of operation and function.

Don’t forget to pay detailed attentions to even the smallest factors because it can determine the quality, performance, and reliability.


Some Products

Storage Bag Breastmilk
Storage Bag Breastmilk

There are some brands that are considered the best in the storage bags industry, such as:

  • Twist Cap Kiinde with its unique twisting cap mechanism. It is pretty big, able to accommodate 6 oz of milk although this one isn’t the cheapest bag either.
  • Seal ‘N Go Nuk which is also big with its 6 oz arrangement. The opening has a double zipper mechanism that will ensure the protection of the milk. The double zip is a life saver!
  • Dr. Brown bags with its unique measurement print on the front side of the bag. For quality, it is almost the same as the Nuk’s bag.

Whatever products you choose, be sure that you pick the bags that fits your requirements and they are also safe for using. Having breast milk storage bags with additional features is certainly a good deal.