Breastfeeding cover up
Breastfeeding cover up

Breastfeeding Cover Up Facts and Things to Know

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You may not think that you will need a breastfeeding cover up – until you have to breastfeed in public and you just realize that you don’t want to have that much attention, especially from strangers that you don’t know.

Not many moms understand that breastfeeding cover can actually be a life safer. So, what should you know about the cover, anyway?


About the Breastfeeding Cover

Also known as the nursing cover, the breastfeeding cover up is basically a fabric that is used during breastfeeding activity, giving you a little bit of privacy and security from the world.

Some women don’t have a problem with exposing their boobs for the sake of breastfeeding. Well, they shouldn’t because they are feeding the babies.

However, most women don’t really like it or feel comfortable when they have to breastfeed in public.

It is not the breastfeeding activity that they don’t like – it is the fact that strangers would stare at them – either looking at them funny because they don’t think it is appropriate to breastfeed in public or because they want to take a glimpse of the boobs.

It is really not easy for these moms to manage their breastfeeding activity while trying to avoid themselves from being a sexual subject.

That’s why the nursing cover is created.

When you create a visual barrier around your private area – and also your private activity – you no longer need to worry about other people’s opinion.

You can easily feed your baby without having to worry about decency. It’s as simple as that.


Things to Consider about the Cover

Breastfeeding cover up
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You can’t just pick a cloth or a fabric and expect it to function fully as a nursing cover.

There are some important considerations and elements that you have to think before you can choose the appropriate breastfeeding cover up.

  • The cover should be wide enough to cover the exposed area. You can’t expect the cover to only shield the nipples, but you should choose one that can conceal the side and top boobs. It would be nice if the cover can also conceal the exposed back or body’s side.
  • It should allow the little creature to breathe. The cover should have enough room so your baby can still breathe comfortable. After all, you are putting a cover on it so breathability is crucial.
  • Having an opening where you can make an eye contact is crucial. A nursing cover with opening is nice for both you and the baby. After all, you want to improve mom-baby bond too, right?
  • The cover should be easily cleaned. Babies may spit and your boobs may leak. It is possible that the cover will be dirty or there is something yucky on it. That’s why you want to choose a cover that is easily cleaned without compromising the quality or design.

There are so many different kinds of cover to choose. Some of them are the canopies while some are the wearable such as poncho, scarf, and clothes that are specifically designed for the breastfeeding moms. With this kind of breastfeeding cover up, you can feed your baby while still looking fashionable and stylish.