Breasfeeding Shirt
Breasfeeding Shirt

Breastfeeding Shirt Functions and Usages

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What’s the importance of a breastfeeding shirt?

If you ask this to a breastfeeding mom, the answer will be: super important!

The good news is you already gone through the delivery moment and adjustment moment of your new life. Now you are ready to face the world, but the problem is: You are going to take the baby with you, and it is a sure thing that you will breastfeed the little creature.

How can you breastfeed comfortably when you are (feeling that you are) exposing yourself to the world?

But don’t worry; that’s why there are clothes that are designed explicitly for the breastfeeding moms.

And these nursing clothes can be very handy when you have to feed the baby in public area.

So, what are the features you are looking from these kinds of clothes? What are the tips to wear the clothes in style, without compromising the feeding moment and your comfort level?


About the Nursing Shirt

Breastfeeding Shirt
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So, what’s so special about the breastfeeding shirt, anyway?

First of all, a nursing shirt or clothes has direct access to the boobs.

Whether there is a slit on the side or there is a hidden layer that you can lift up, there is always direct access.

It enables you to easily feed the baby without having to fumble around with the buttons or exposing your stomach just to feed.

Second, the clothes are usually made of stretching material that makes it easy to stretch or lift or expose – without causing the clothes to be loose.

Third, there can be an additional feature that can provide a nice cover-up. This is one of the major reasons why there are so many different types and variants of the clothes.

It can come in a regular shirt with V-neck type and a side slit. It can come in a hidden layer on the breast area that can be set aside or lifted.

It can also come in the model of shirt and outerwear where the outerwear can provide a coverage.

Whatever types of breastfeeding shirt you like, be sure that you have chosen the right one that suits your personality. Who says you can’t look great while breastfeeding?


Some Handy Tips

There are some handy and great tips that you can implement if you have to go out and possibly feed your baby in public?

  • Choose something you are comfortable with. Shirts that are made from lycra or polyester can provide a comfy feel.
  • It would be nice and comfy if you also wear nursing bra. This is a special bra with special opening that makes the feeding easy
  • Choose a shirt that is dark in color or with unique patterns – they will cover the spot of leaking milk or any spot of spit, gurgle, or others.
  • Wear a scarf or an outerwear that can cover you up nicely and it provides a decent look.

In the end, you don’t have to deal with fussy implementation when breastfeeding in public. But with breastfeeding shirt within your possession, you can remain stylish without affecting your ability to feed.


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