Breastfeeding tips for mom and babies
Breastfeeding tips for mom and babies

The 5 Breastfeeding Tips for Mom and Babies

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Are you looking for breastfeeding tips for mom and babies?

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As we know that being a mother is not an easy thing. They have to be a good daughter for their parents, be a good wife for their husband, and also be a good mother for her future son or daughter.

This is not something easy to do.

You have to be pregnant for 9 months and have a baby in order to call yourself as mother. The first time you hold your baby, the enthusiasm and the happiness cannot be expressed over words.

You need to do breastfeeding to make a strong bond between you and your baby.

Before getting further, we need to make the same perception about breastfeeding by checking out the breastfeeding tips for mom and babies.


1. Issues Related to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is also well known as nursing.

People can do the nursing or breastfeeding every time and everywhere. Sometimes people will think that you are showing off some parts of your body when you are nursing in front of the public.

Well, for some narrow minded person, it does. However, to prevent this you can use breastfeeding cover up, and there are some breastfeeding tips for mom and babies that people might not even realize.

Apparently, they are still using their traditional style of breastfeeding which they do not realize that there might be some issues related to the breastfeeding.


2. Breastfeeding One Hour After Birth

Breastfeeding tips for mom and babies
Breastfeeding one hour after birth via

Breastfeeding is the learning process for both mother and the baby. They need to learn each other on how to make a stronger bond. After getting birth, a mother must have desired to hold her baby.

However, some hospitals might suggest you to take a rest after the exhausting hours before you are able to touch your baby for the first time. To be honest, you need to try to do the breastfeeding at least one hour after the birth.

It contacts the feeling between the mother and the baby. Besides, the uterus will contract and further it will provide the colostrums you need.

This breastfeeding tips for mom and babies might be ignored by the parents since they are too excited to be parents.


3. Observe How the Baby Feels

When you are lactating the baby, you need to observe how the baby tries to lactate on you. You can ask the help of a nurse to see whether the baby feels comfortable or not.

It is because when mother does not really pay attention on how the baby gets feeding, the baby might feel pain due to the wrong position.

That is why you need to be accompanied by the nurse to help changing the position of the baby is he or she might be uncomfortable while being lactated based on the breastfeeding tips for mom and babies.


4. Do Breastfeeding 8 to 12 Times

Breastfeeding tips for mom and babies
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How often do you breastfeed your baby? Sometimes when a busy mother wants to go back to work either working at home or at the office, she tends to pump her breast in order to save more and more milk.

Well, a mother needs to breastfeed her baby for about 8 to 12 times in a day to solve his or her hunger quickly. Sometimes you can see the signal given by the baby.

The baby could smell where the nipple is. Thus she or he will be totally excited in being fed.


5. Take Care of the Mother

The question now is how to increase the breast milk when apparently you do not produce much?

The major effect that can affect how much milk you have is actually water.

Water holds 88 percents of the production of the breast milk. Then when you do not drink much it means that you cannot have a lot of breast milk to be lactated.

There are some kinds of herbal or modern medicine that you can buy to boost the breast milk production. Besides, the mother should not be too tired so that she can gain the strength to breastfeed.