Stainless Stell Baby Bottle
Stainless Stell Baby Bottle

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles: What It Is about

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Although stainless steel baby bottles are relatively new in the market, the stainless steel has been used as water bottles for quite a while.

If you have your own stainless steel water bottles, you know that the material can hold warm water for quite a long time.

So, do the baby bottles can get their own benefits from this kind of material? How easy it is for you to find such a baby bottle from stainless steel?


Understanding More about This Type of Bottle

Naturally, there are some good reasons why baby products manufacturers are thinking about producing stainless steel bottles.

When we are talking about the benefits of stainless steel baby bottles, we are mostly talking about the insulating power.

Whether it is cold or warm, the stainless steel will be able to keep the condition for quite a long time – up for hours.

If you want to keep the milk warm for a relatively longer period, this material will be your best option.

Another benefit of such a baby bottle is the easy cleaning feature. Yes, stainless steel is easily cleaned and maintained.

It isn’t easy to break because of the tough durability.

In fact, most stainless steel products are quite resistant to scratches. And last (but not least), the material is recyclable which gives it a green property that is harmless for Mother Earth.

However, on the down side, the bottles aren’t transparent – which makes measuring difficult.

Although some brands may include the measuring indents on the exterior as well as interior of the bottles, the process isn’t easy at all.

But if you are looking at the options, these bottles have more positive sides than the negative so they are quite worthy to consider.


Some Reliable Brands

Stainless Stell Baby Bottle
Some reliable brands of stainless stell baby bottle – via

There are some of the best stainless steel baby bottles that you can consider for your baby. What are they?

  • Klean Kanteen with Kid Kanteen products. The bottle is made from food grade material that is completely safe for the milk – it won’t make the milk smell or cause distaste. There are two size options, the 4 oz or the 9 oz size. It is easy to clean and it is also compatible with the dishwasher. The bottle has nice curve, which is wide enough and yet make the baby able to hold it comfortably. Unfortunately, it can’t be converted to a sippy cup which means that you can’t use it as the baby grows.
  • Pura Kiki. Unlike the previous model, this one can be converted to sippy cup or even food container. You can choose the plain one or the bright colored bottles. The downside is that cleaning process can be a bit complex, with only manual wash.

Another one is the three in one Pacific Baby bottle, where the 7 oz fluid will stay cold or warm to 10 hours.

The overall construction is sturdy and durable, along with nice patterned design. Unfortunately, the price is a bit pricey.

There are other many products out there; you only need to choose the best baby bottles options and different choices of materials right one for the baby.

Finding stainless steel baby bottles may not be as easy as the other bottles but some stores have provided one.