Supplements to increase breast milk
Supplements to increase breast milk

Supplements to Increase Breast Milk: What to Know about It

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A lot of new moms are turning to supplements to increase breast milk. Why would they do that?

Well, first of all, most moms are always worried that they don’t have enough milk for the baby, so the little creatures are hungry and crying most of the times.

That’s not always the case, really. If you know the facts about breast milk production, you don’t need to be worried about your condition or whether your milk will be enough for the baby.


Supply and Demand Principle

You see, your body has its own special and unique mechanism that will address to your needs – including your baby.

And your baby also has its own requirements because each baby is unique and different in their own perspective.

As long as you are confident and you are sure that you can fulfill your baby’s needs, everything will be fine.

Supplements won’t be needed, except for your own health and fitness.

You see, the milk production will activate when there is a demand.  The more your baby feeds, the more active the production will be.

When your baby is feeding, the body’s will send a signal to the brain, commanding the hormone and the gland to produce more.

Basically, you will have enough milk supply to accommodate your baby’s personal needs. The key word is ENOUGH and YOUR baby.

You may not have an abundance of milk, but it will be enough for your baby so that it won’t be starving. And you will have enough milk for your baby; not anyone else’s so you need to be confident about it.


The Supplements Concern

So, do you needs those supplements to increase breast milk? Well, it’s all in your head.

If you are confident enough and you know that you can make it through without other help, then you can do it. So far, there isn’t any solid scientific evidence that these supplements help in the milk production.

The problem is, the study subjects (which are the moms) are confident enough that the supplements can help them producing enough milk.

And that’s exactly what happens. Whether the increased milk production is caused by their own body’s mechanism or is caused by the supplements, the matter hasn’t been resolved until now.

Supplements to increase breast milk
Supplements to increase breast milk – via

Fenugreeks or other healthy foods are claimed to work best to address the problem of breast milk shortage.

Not to mention that they are also good to improve your overall health. If you want to consume them, feel free to do so.

After all, these foods are great to help you with your health regime. If you want to take these supplements to increase breast milk, help yourself, but you should know that you can do it without the help of these supplements.


Final Words

Being a new parent isn’t easy. You bring a new life and dealing with the little creature can be confusing and exhausting.

But when it comes to providing the right food, you know which one is the best for them.

Having breast pump and breast milk storage bags can help, in case you have to be away from your baby or you have to pump in between feeding.

In the overall sense, supplements to increase breast milk can help but only if you believe in them.


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