Supplements to increase milk supply
Supplements to increase milk supply

Supplements to Increase Milk Supply Facts: How to Manage It

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Do you think you need supplements to increase milk supply?

Most ‘newbie’ moms always think that their supply isn’t enough and their baby will end up feeling hungry or starving.

It gets worse when babies cry a lot – the grown ups think that they are crying because they are hungry.

You may blame yourself for not being able to produce abundance of milk and this evil cycle will go over and over again, causing stress.

Well, you need to know that babies aren’t exactly the feeding machine – they are tiny human beings who can feel uncomfortable, restless, and hungry.

It is possible that they are crying because they don’t feel comfortable with the weather, the surrounding condition, or even their clothes.

Maybe their diapers are full and they want to change. Maybe they have colic and they don’t feel well on the stomach. The point is: don’t always relate baby’s crying with hunger – that’s not always the case.


Supplements and Breastfeeding

A lot of moms may be tempted to consume supplements to increase milk supply, especially if they aren’t confident enough with their condition.

If this is your first time, you will be losing confidence too – especially if the pressure from people around you is just too much.

Sure, having supplements are okay, and they can be good for your health too.

But the real fact is, you don’t need supplements just to increase the production. If you are confident about yourself and you don’t stress too much, you can have enough supply for your baby.


How to Increase the Milk Supply

Supplements to increase milk supply
Supplements to increase milk supply – via

So, should you depend on supplements to increase milk supply, so you can have an abundance?

Wait, do you really want to have an abundant supply of milk? The key to your baby’s health and happiness is having ENOUGH milk, which means that it shouldn’t be too much or too little.

It should be enough for your baby, not everyone’s else.

Each baby is unique; they have their own needs and requirements. You don’t need to have abundant of milk – having enough is sufficient.


So, how do you increase the supply ?

  • First of all, you need to understand that breastmilk production depends on demand and supply. The more you breastfeed your baby, the production will naturally follow along.
  • Don’t let baby bottles or pacifiers to interfere with the breastfeeding routine. Both those items can create confusion to the baby, especially about the sucking mechanism. When they are confused, they won’t be able to suck your milk properly, which can lead to the decrease in your milk production.
  • Be confident and happy. Do the things you like. When you are happy, it will affect the hormone producing the milk.
  • Eat whatever you want. As long as the baby doesn’t show any allergic reaction, you can eat whatever you want, including your favorite food. It is a good and natural booster!
  • Pumping in between milking time is advisable. Whether you use the glass bottle or breast milk storage bags, make sure that you know the proper way to store the milk.

In the end, it is up to you whether you need the supplements or not. But it has been shown and proven that happy and confident moms don’t need any supplements to increase milk supply at all.